About Us

HoloGrave Cosmetics is a cosmetologist owned indie brand that started in 2020. We started off handmade and have grown so much, that I now get to work with some of the best cosmetic labs in the business to bring you revamped formulas of our original products and new formulations- all vegan, cruelty-free, and talc free.

We started off with funding on Indiegogo and that initial cost + investment on my own got us the beginnings to pay for the start up to hand make cosmetics and source the materials for it. I started with glosses and some liners- expanding to creating my own eyeshadow, highlighter, liquid lipstick, and brow gel formulas-  but quickly grew to where that was no longer possible for a single person to manage. I began searching everywhere for labs that would take over my formulas and either keep them or improve them to be more professional. We were turned away so much for wanting to remain talc free, but eventually found our place with some manufacturing labs.

To this day, my brand is still growing and it's still ran by just myself. You can watch me test products, introduce new ones, and work together with me on formulations on our Tiktok, Instragram, Youtube, and Facebook. All @HoloGraveCosmetics